Ikea Farmhouse Sink Review

Ikea Farmhouse Sink Review | An honest review of the Ikea Farmhouse Sink (DOMSJÖ) with cleaning tips, installation questions answered, and whether or not it’s holding up after a few years. Learn our pros and cons about this beautiful and affordable farmhouse sink!

Ikea Farmhouse Sink Review | An honest review of the IKEA Farmhouse Sink (DOMSJÖ) with cleaning tips, installation questions answered, and whether or not it's holding up after a few years. Learn our pros and cons about this beautiful and affordable farmhouse sink!
Today I’m sharing my thoughts on our white Ikea farmhouse sink- the DOMSJÖ double bowl. First off, I’ll mention that this is NOT a sponsored post, I am just obsessed with this sink.  This is the second one I’ve owned. I loved it so much in our first home that we chopped our granite countertop to make one fit in this kitchen (more on that in a few, I promise!).

What I love about it: the capacity- I can LOAD it with dishes. The style- if you’ve followed this blog for any length of time, you probably know that I love farmhouse style with a traditional twist. The price- at around $350 with tax, it can’t be beat for a sink of this style, size, and quality.

The cons- it only has one faucet hole, and we were too scared to try to drill more. I wanted a gooseneck faucet with a bridge.

First off- the maintenance aspect, since I probably get those questions the most.

How does your Ikea farmhouse sink hold up to time? Does it scratch/stain?

I have had this sink about 2 and a half years, and we had ours in our previous home about a year before we moved- so I can’t speak past that. However- we don’t treat it very gently. I use it fearlessly and have even left spaghetti sauce sitting on its pristine surface for longer than I should. No permanent scratches, and it doesn’t stain permanently, although things like spaghetti sauce and red wine will temporarily discolor it.

Very recently we did begin to experience the dreaded “gray marks” we had been warned about in the comments of this post (which was part of what reminded me to update it!). True to the discussion in the comments, Barkeeper’s Friend works great to get the scratches out and made the sink look like new. I also loved the suggestion to use a Magic Eraser!

We have occasionally had rust rings left behind from some of my soaking pots and pans, and my trick is using Iron Out spray. I simply spray it on and let it sit a few minutes and then scrub with a utility brush. Then I rinse the sink out really well and scrub with dish soap to eliminate the chance of the chemical getting on my clean dishes. Obviously, this is something I would use sparingly and only as needed.

Ikea Farmhouse Sink Review | An honest review of the IKEA Farmhouse Sink (DOMSJÖ) with cleaning tips, installation questions answered, and whether or not it's holding up after a few years. Learn our pros and cons about this beautiful and affordable farmhouse sink!

Is the white porcelain hard to keep clean?

No more than any other sink. I puzzled over this question about the white cabinets too- I’ve received quite a few social media comments along the lines of “Have fun keeping THAT clean…”. The truth about white: It doesn’t get dirtier than other finishes, it simply shows the dirt sooner- which allows me to see it and clean it up. That’s a bonus in my mind!

You would not believe how disgusting our oak cabinets were when I cleaned them to prep for painting. They definitely hid the dirt, and I don’t consider that a good thing. I scrub the sink out with a dish brush and soap daily after emptying it, and I “deep clean”, including the grooves, weekly.

The one thing I will say is that the grooves at the back of the sink are not as easy to keep clean. I use a sponge or scrub brush to get the junk out, but the grooves pose a slight challenge. With that being said, the grooves are useful for draining wet sponges and etc.

Which Faucet do you have and do you like it?

We decided on this one. It had the general feeling of the antique-style faucets I liked but met the requirement of being an all-in-one unit, since the Domsjo only has one hole. It works nicely and was a fairly good value for faucets of that style.

Ikea Farmhouse Sink Review | An honest review of the IKEA Farmhouse Sink (DOMSJÖ) with cleaning tips, installation questions answered, and whether or not it's holding up after a few years. Learn our pros and cons about this beautiful and affordable farmhouse sink!

Do you miss your under-mount sink?

Nope. I’m probably going to offend under mount sink lovers (because if there’s one thing I’ve learned while blogging, it’s that someone is going to “like the before better”…) but it was my least favorite sink out of the 8 we’ve had in various dwellings. In this particular under mount sink, you couldn’t lay down a normal-sized dinner plate, and you certainly couldn’t put a pot in it to soak.

Maybe it was improperly installed because it also grew slime under the rim. It was scratched and stained after only being installed by the previous homeowners a year before. I know the bonus is supposed to be that you can just brush the crumbs into it. Maybe I don’t clean my counters enough (ha- I really don’t), because I don’t feel like I’m missing out on that at all!

Did you have to reinforce your cabinets?

Yes. We added a thick piece of wood to the back wall and attached it to the studs to provide extra support for the substantial weight of the sink. We attached the metal support bar that came with the sink to the front of the cabinet. Despite our modifications, we completed the installation of the sink in one evening. This tutorial is a great resource for adding an Ikea Sink to an existing kitchen cabinet.

Ikea Farmhouse Sink Review | An honest review of the IKEA Farmhouse Sink (DOMSJÖ) with cleaning tips, installation questions answered, and whether or not it's holding up after a few years. Learn our pros and cons about this beautiful and affordable farmhouse sink!

Do you have a garbage disposal? Which garbage disposal is compatible with the IKEA Domsjo?

I know it’s somewhat frowned upon, but we do have a garbage disposal. I don’t know much about garbage disposals at all- but this is the one we have, and it was a very straightforward installation. We haven’t had any issues!

How did you cut your granite counters to install the Ikea Domsjo?

Okay.I always cringe at this question, because I want to help- but I really really want you to realize you can wreck your counters by DIYing this. So we consciously decided not to make that a tutorial back when we did it. Here’s why:

I called around to about a dozen local stone fabricators. I was scoffed at, ignored, warned, given outrageous estimates to make me go away, and warned some more. The message was pretty clear: once a countertop is installed, you can’t cut it in place. Your countertop WILL chip, and it WILL crack.

Well, YouTube said it could be done. I will give you the link to the video we used in a moment, but I want to say first: Our countertop DID chip. It DID crack. But it chipped and cracked in a way so that the lip of the Domsjo still covered it up. This project would have resulted in needing to purchase new counters if we were trying to install a different style of farmhouse sink. The resulting edge was jagged and by no means clean.

This sink style happens to be forgiving because of the lip and ability to caulk. I was also willing to take the risk because I half-hoped the granite would be wrecked (because I’m not a big fan of it). So I can’t recommend this method, because I can’t be responsible if thousands of dollars in counters get wrecked. So here is the video we watched, but my recommendation is to try to find a fabricator who will do it for you.

All About Our Ikea Farmhouse Sink

Ikea Farmhouse Sink Review | An honest review of the IKEA Farmhouse Sink (DOMSJÖ) with cleaning tips, installation questions answered, and whether or not it's holding up after a few years. Learn our pros and cons about this beautiful and affordable farmhouse sink!

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Updated 11/10/16: Comments have been turned off for this post. Please do not email me with customer service issues or questions about the dimensions, I am not affiliated with IKEA in any way. 

For info on measurements and other specs, please see the sink on Ikea here. Please note that I’m not affiliated with IKEA in any way, so I cannot help with customer service issues.


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  1. Hi Nina,

    Thanks for the informative post! We just installed this sink and love how it looks! I did notice though that after use, water sits in the bottom of the sink around the drains. It seems like the slope of the sink isn’t enough to allow the water to fully drain. Have you experienced this? If so does it leave any water marking around the drains or cause leakage problems? I thought we hadn’t tightened the drains down enough so tightened those, but now that I’m reading about cracking I might loosen them a bit:)

    Thanks for any input!

    1. Hi Sarah, We will occasionally get some staining around the drain, but nothing permanent. It wipes away easily. Yeah, I wouldn’t recommend tightening too much! I have heard a lot about cracking. We are three years in and haven’t had any issues, though.

  2. We have ordered this sink, and are doing the prop work while we wait. Could you tell me how far the faucet sits from the wall. My window has a shelf that might stick out too far. Thanks.

  3. Hi just found this site! I wanted to know if you installed your backsplash prior to installing the sink or did you tile around the back lip?


  4. Oh, Nina…I am so sad!! We sold our house last year and lived temporarily in a rental that had this sink and I fell in love with it. We finally bought a house with a Corian island into which had two sinks integral to it. And yesterday we discovered that the Corian sink CRACKED!! I was sad but thought, Oh, I can get an IKEA sink!! I just went online and they don’t have them in IL or WI or MN where we live. I am so sad. That is such a wonderful sink. Sigh.
    I know you are enjoying yours and I am glad that someone can!


  5. I totally understand your obsession with this sink! Ours has only been installed a few weeks but I love it even more than expected. Had enameled caste iron before and had to scrub marks off with bar keepers every single day so I was prepared to do the same with the Ikea sink just because I loved the look. Surprised to find I am not scrubbing it daily at all..yay! :) Really love your kitchen!

  6. Just FYI I DID undermount this sink with granite 18 months ago. My carpenter did it with guidance from the granite fabricator. lofe it with the ikea spray faucet.

  7. I did a search on Domsjo sinks cracking and came upon this blog and comments. I put in a new Ikea Sektion kitchen just a few months ago and have now had two different Domsjo farmhouse sinks crack. The first cracked after a couple of months – both cracks when from the drain to the back inside corner of the bowl. I replaced it and the second sink cracked the same way within two days. I do have a disposal but I took care the second time to not tighten the drains too tight think that was the problem…it was not. One thing I have noticed looking at various blogs and photos on the internet is that there appears to have been some overall design changes. The old sink does not look to be made the same (looking at it from below) as the newer Sektion model. I also saw photos where one blogger was installing the newer sektion sink and the photo it showed also did not match the bottom of my sink. I think there are at least 3 different overall designs involved (as seen from the bottom, the top is the same) and the ones I have do not have a lot of support in the middle. My wife is insisting we try again (at least they are under warranty), but this time I plan to add more support to the cabinet – add a board along the back wall to hold the sink all the way across and and a frame underneath it to support it with cutouts for the drain. We will see if that helps.

    1. Just bought my sink and it cracked after only 2 days, exactly the same. Yikes! Uhh this doesn’t make me feel any better.

  8. DO NOT BUY THIS SINK!!!!! OURS CRACKED IN TWO PLACE WHEN IT WAS 7 DAYS OLD!!! We poured hot water in it, not boiling, and it was 65 degrees outside. Our kitchen is brand new- the sink is siliconed to our concrete countertops and our backsplash is grouted to the back of it, we are what you call: completely screwed by shoddy craftsmanship and good looks…

    1. That’s awful, Scott! It’s so odd, you are the second person recently that’s contacted me with an issue of cracking. I’m wondering if maybe they changed the design recently- mine is going on three years with no issues. I’m not affiliated with Ikea in any way, so I can’t help, unfortunately- but I would definitely be asking for a refund if I were you! Thank you for sharing your story.

  9. Unfortunately I have a crack in my Domsjo sink. Have no idea how it happened. Any idea how it can be repaired?
    Thank you

    1. I’ve never experienced the cracking, Kim- but I’m wondering if there’s an epoxy for porcelain tubs or toilets that may help? I would contact Ikea for sure about that one and check your warranty.

  10. Hi I have had this sink now in 2 different homes. I clean those greyish marks that it seems to get with Barkeepers Friend. It makes the sink look new again. And doesn’t harm the finish. You can get it at Home Depot. Cheers Frances

    1. Thank you so much for the tip Frances! I have heard great things about the Barkeepers Friend. I still haven’t seen the gray marks on mine, but this will be useful if they ever develop!

  11. Does anyone know about the garbage disposal situation; what size can or cannot fit, etc.? Thank you!

  12. Im interested in purchasing the IKEA farmhouse sink but Im wondering something….At the front of the sink (like where you would stand to wash dishes) is there a lip on it where the bowl divider meets the front? Is the front of the bowl a little taller than the divider in the middle? The reason I ask is that I have heard that with a farmhouse sink that the divider is the same level as the front that water runs down if the faucet hits it just right, leaving your clothes soaking wet. Do you have this problem?

    1. Hi Chelsea, great question! Yes, The center divider is lower than the front lip of the sink, so the water doesn’t travel “uphill”. Now I know to appreciate that feature a bit more, wet clothes would make doing dishes even less fun! ;)

  13. Thank you for this post. I’m deciding on my kitchen sink and loved reading your info! Do you have a garbage disposal in your sink? I’ve read mixed information about the compatibility. Thanks!

  14. Can you use it with standard height base cabinets? Or do you have to have the lower cabinets that are special for other apron fronts?

    1. Our cabinet started as a standard cabinet, but we did have to cut the front down some and reinforce the cabinet.

  15. Beautiful! Did you mix whites? Old white and/or pure white? and how long , start to finish did the whole job take?

    1. Hi Lauren, Sorry to take so long to get back to you on this! We did mix whites a bit, the cabinets are a little warmer than the sink. But the sink is the same bright white as the marble island, so it works. It took us one evening to install the sink!

  16. I just bought this sink to go with my white IKEA kitchen and I’m really excited. However I was wondering if you could go into a little more detail about the maintenance – what do you use to clean it, just dishsoap? What do you use to deep clean it? And what are the “gray marks” that people speak of in the comments, and how to get rid of that? Thanks

    1. Hi Mia,
      So sorry that I missed this, but I wanted to make sure the answer was here! I simply use dishsoap, or Iron Out (linked above) if there’s rust. I haven’t had the gray marks- but I believe they are slight scratches, and can be removed using Barkeepers Friend (that seems to be the consensus, at least!).

  17. I’m planning on ordering an Ikea double farmhouse sink for a new set of cabinets that I am building. I can’t find the dimensions of the apron front or the outside dimensions of the sink bowl under the rim anywhere, not even through an e-mail enquiry with Ikea. I just need to know the dimensions so I can build the cabinet correctly and have the sink drop in. Can you help me out? BTW, this blog was very helpful in our decision to use that sink. Thanks!

  18. Hi! I just found your blog from a pinterest post on your IKEA sink. I just bough the same one. You had me at your comment “The truth about white: It doesn’t get dirtier than other finishes, it simply shows the dirt sooner- which allows me to see it and clean it up.” There is nothing I hate more than when someone recommends something to me saying “it won’t show dirt”…like that is supposed to be a positive…YUCK…hidden dirt is even worse than visible dirt in my book :) Can’t wait to explore your blog more and follow along!!

    1. Welcome Stacy!! I’ve often joked that should be my mission statement ;) So happy to have you with us!!

  19. I have the double ikea farm house sink and the single sink in my kitchen. We put them in about 6 years ago. They both have scratched! The double one has cracked by the drain. I had to put the Rubbermaid plastic mats on the bottom of them and I use a plastic tub to do dishes in. The bar keepers does not work, nothing seemed to work, so I live with the scratch marks. By the way, I didn’t like how the sink lays on top of the counter, like when you would wipe off the counter. It seemed like the edges of the sink got in the way. So we put it in as an undermount sink. Works and looks great.

    1. I still haven’t had an issue with the scratching- and trust me, my kids throw silverware into it and everything else- I’m wondering if they improved the quality before we got this second one. So glad that you found a solution to make it work out for you!

  20. It seems from our measurements this sink will stick out quite a bit if you have traditional cabinets. (Not sure if it does with IKEA cabinets). Do you font that annoying?

    1. Hi Dee- it doesn’t seem to stick out much to me (I have standard cabinets, not Ikea). I would say it’s pretty comparable to the other farmhouse sinks we looked at!

  21. I had the same sink in my old house and loved it! I just used a scrubby brush to clean the grooves and barkeepers friend for the scratches. I didn’t mind the extra maintenance since it looked soooo good.

  22. I have the same sink. I had been wanting it for years and I love the way it looks. I just have one question. How do you clean the Grey marks? I have been so extra careful but I have grey marks on mine already that looks like pencil. Please help!

    1. Hi Kristi! Have you tried Iron Out or Barkeeper’s Friend? Both work really well to get out the gray marks!

  23. I have a question about the ikea farmhouse sink. We are remodeling and we need a sink with a 6″ apron to fit our cabinets. Do you know what the apron length is? Thanks

  24. I love mine too! We have the single version and it can really hold dishes:)http://www.sewsweetvintage.com/2014/08/outrageous-rugs-indooroutdoor-rug.html

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