The Heart of Home Philosophy

I believe…

  1. that family is the most important.
  2. friends are the family we choose.
  3. a meaningful home is the most perfect kind of home, messes and all.
  4. in creating what we’re called to.
  5. home is a foundation we all deserve and from which we all thrive.
  6. the best things in life are homemade…like pie.
  7. in growing and learning over perfection.
  8. things that are broken are almost always worth fixing.
  9. hard work always pays off.
  10. giving to others is the most rewarding of all.

The Heart of Home Philosophy was born from a disenchantment with the highly curated social media world we live in. Not so long ago, I found myself with a sinking feeling of “not enough” every time I looked at social media. While I knew in my mind that I was looking at someone else’s highlight reel while sitting in my very normal and real life full of crumbs and toys scattered around, a little voice was still whispering, “If they can do it, so can you. Try harder…”

You know how this story turns out. The idea of having a perfectly curated life is just not realistic for most of us. Nor do most of us actually want the reality that comes with that. Life can be messy sometimes, but there’s a beauty in the mess!

Keeping in mind that I never want you to feel “less than” about what I am putting out into the world, I decided to rework my message and pull back the curtain a bit…

creating a beautiful home
helping you create a meaningful home

I’m still working on all of the ways that I can encourage and support you on this mission of meaning over perfection. One of those ways has been through my writing, in which I try to tell the real story behind the images I share. Another is through connecting one on one in the Heart of Home community, where you’ll find a place to discuss your home decor, renovating, and organizing dilemmas, seek advice, share photos and stories, and connect with me and others who share your passion for all things home. Translating this mission to every part of what I do (and how this platform serves you) is a work in progress!

When I share beautiful images of my home, know that a lot of work and hours goes into creating that image. It’s beautiful in order to teach, inspire, and encourage, never to raise myself up over others. Often, there’s a “mess” of toys and life clutter just outside of the frame of the photo (you can follow my Instagram stories for the behind the scenes!).

There’s also usually toys and crayons back in that spot less than five minutes after my kids get home from school as they get back to work making memories. I’m sure that someday my house will be a bit neater, and when I look back, whether it was perfectly styled or not won’t be the part that mattered or that we remember.

I create because that’s what I’m called to do, whether I paint, write, photograph, bake, or decorate. Like many people, I love beautiful things, they make me happy. However, my real goal is not to have a perfect home, it’s to have a meaningful home to enjoy with my family and friends. I share because I want to inspire and teach others who share that desire.

I know that so many of you feel this way too, that there’s a balance of beauty, meaning, and plain old real life to be found in our homes. If you agree with this philosophy, you’re in the right place! I can’t wait to support you in that goal.