1. This whole room! Its lovely! That chandelier is amazing!

  2. Your dining room is so gorgeous and those pillar candles are everything. I love it all!

  3. Completely beautiful! I love the look of all the chunky candlesticks across the table. And I sure would enjoy some of that cider :)

  4. Nina, I’m always so blown away by your beautiful home especially this gorgeous dining room. I love your creative style!
    Hugs, Jamie

  5. Wow…your hard work has paid off. The room is simply stunning! It makes me want to get hubby to take the chandlier down and move it to the dining room vs the living room. I had first thought of putting it there but after just holding it up vs actually installing it, I thought it might be too large for the room. Mind me asking, what’s the dimensions of your room roughly? Don’t know how much of the “soooooo sad face” I’d have to use to get him to move it without too much grumbling. It’s only one of a few things around the house that I don’t mind dusting because I love it so much. Shhhh…it’s a secret but I’ve had to super-glue a few of the crystals back hehehe

  6. Oh my gosh I am loving that mirror with your cider bar! Where did you find it?

  7. Everything looks so lovely, Nina! I love the idea of an apple cider bar too. xo

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