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Simple Blue Christmas Tablescape

Get inspiration from this simple blue Christmas tablescape. It has a calm, neutral vibe for years when you’d rather keep the seasonal touches subtle.

Today I’m excited to share a tablescape that may be one of my favorites of all time! I’m joining a group sharing entertaining inspiration hosted by Bre from Rooms for Rent. You can see more tablescape goodness at the bottom of this post!

At this point, I’ve featured many tablescapes either on their own or in tours. But as you may already be guessing, this one is different.

Simple blue Christmas tablescape with a neutral flocked tree

Like the rest of our home’s decor this year, I’ve left the traditional colors behind and opted for a classic French blue and soft whites for this tablescape. While it might not be “Christmassy” in the traditional sense, I’m loving this simple blue Christmas tablescape for a number of reasons that I’m about to share with you!

Blue tablescape for Christmas with hydrangeas and colbalt glassware

Simple French Blue Christmas Tablescape

Blue candles and glassware on a Christmas tablescape

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Decorate with what Makes You Happy

Bold red and rich green have a soft spot in my heart for sure. But this year, I wanted our home to feel calm and serene. This color palette does exactly that. My advice is always to decorate with what makes you happy, even if it’s not what’s “typical” or “trendy”.

This tablescape has touches of my favorite color in the world— French blue, as well as my favorite flowers— hydrangeas. There are accents of warm gold. While the Christmas aspect is subtle, the glow of Christmas lights from the tree in the background lets you know that it’s still about the holiday. Honestly, it may just be my favorite of all time!

Build on What You Already Have

Most years, I have a blast redecorating every single inch of my home at Christmastime. But this year… well, there’s already a lot going on. This color scheme allows me to easily transition to a cozy holiday vibe while still leaving much of our daily decor in place.

Keeping it Simple

With the philosophy in place of building on what I already had, I was able to keep this tablescape blissfully simple. I didn’t rush out and buy a bunch of new things. With subtle additions like the blue candlesticks, I was able to make items I’ve had for years — like my brass candlesticks — feel fresh.

Making Everyday Special

Another favorite aspect of this tablescape is that this color scheme allows our (typically stored away) wedding china to shine front and center. It’s really fun to see these dishes showcased and actually being used! And setting the table with such beloved pieces helps the holidays feel really special this year. How often do you bring out your wedding china? I know I haven’t nearly enough, and I definitely want that to change in the future.

I hope that this non-traditional tablescape has inspired you to make the most of your celebration this year, even if it’s a bit smaller than usual this year. There can still be a ton of meaning and beauty in a simple gathering (sometimes even more!).

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  1. Love this! The colors are beautiful with the different shades of blue and soft gold/brass/wood tones complementing it. It looks so elegant.

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