Rustic Woodland Christmas Tree

Planning a rustic Christmas theme this year? This woodland Christmas tree includes rustic touches like wooden ornaments and vintage lace.

Sometimes it can be difficult to know what theme you want to use for decorating your Christmas tree, but I know the woodland Christmas tree theme happens to be a really popular one! You can see more from this woodland theme in my mudroom here and the full tour here.

Rustic Woodland Christmas Tree inspired by New England and Robert Frost

Welcome to week 2 of the Christmas Room Series hosted by my dear friend Ashley from Cherished Bliss. If you’re stopping by from seeing Rachel’s lovely tree over at Maison de Pax, I’m so excited to have you here!

Rustic Woodland-Inspired Christmas Tree 

Pine cones and mercury glass ornaments with lace

How do you decorate a woodland Christmas tree?

For a woodland Christmas you can decorated with rustic elements:

  • large pinecones (scented and unscented)
  • woodland animal-themed ornaments (I have both mercury and wood)
  • vintage lace
  • a rattan or wood star topper
  • faux berry twigs in either red or a neutral color

Confession: this is take number two of the same tree. Something about the gold that was sprinkled through the tree previously wasn’t working with the rest of the room (which I will share later this week!). 

rustic deer painted wood ornament

Instead, I added this vintage-inspired lace. As I mentioned in my previous post in this series about our mudroom, my decor theme this year is “Stopping by Wood on a Snowy Evening” by Robert Frost. A woodland Christmas tree seemed like the perfect companion to this theme!

Woodland Owl ornament with mercury glass and lace

As pretty as the gold was, it was a little too glam and polished for what I have in mind. 

Mercury glass ornaments on the Christmas tree

I also brought in some pinecones and red berries, which add to the rustic forest theme of the room. 

Woodland Inspired Christmas Tree in front of a rustic owl painting

I swapped out the art for winter-themed paintings done by my grandfather for one with more of a woodland feel. It’s probably a little obvious by now that I love owls, and this one happened to be sitting on his bird feeder a few winters ago. He painted it and gave it to me as a Christmas gift.

rustic wrapping paper ideas
festive ornaments and greenery with woodsy touches
berry twigs accenting a Christmas tree
Birch logs below the Christmas tree

Birch Accents Around the Dining Room

I also brought in some birch accents, another important element of my decor this year. Birch is so beautiful, and I’m lucky enough to get truckloads of it from my dad (who is an arborist). 

Woodland Christmas tree decorating ideas and elements
Vintage-style ornaments decorating a Christmas tree
Christmas tree with decor inspired by Robert Frost's poetry about New England
birch bark star ornament and other New England inspired holiday decorating ideas
Woodland themed Christmas tree decor ideas

I am so pleased with the combination of the classic mercury, the whitewashed rustic ornaments, the natural pinecones, and the vintage lace for this woodland Christmas tree. The pops of the red berries are really bringing in the hint of Christmas color I was missing. 

Berries and lace decor with wooden ornaments on a holiday tree
mercury glass ornaments on a woodland themed Christmas tree
rustic red berries and vintage lace on a faux spruce for the holidays
Woodland Inspired Christmas Tree lit up at night

Oh, I just love this time of year. So magical! 

pinecones, mercury ornaments, and lace on a glowing christmas tree
wooden deer ornament on Christmas tree at night

Make sure to stop by the next tree and visit Lauren over at Bless’er House! Her tree is so beautiful and nostalgic. 


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  1. Doing my Christmas in July inspiration and research and saw your beautiful Woodland themed Christmas decorations and tree, absolutely beautiful! Milly x

  2. I love your Woodland inspired Christmas tree! I love that you used different textures, as well as the natural elements. Thanks for the inspiration! Blessings! :)

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