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It has been a little while since I’ve shared a mood board! We are wrapping up several projects right now, and embarking on a whirlwind dining room makeover in the meantime. Yes, we’re adding in yet another project… We both hoped to have it done prior to Thanksgiving- so here we are this Saturday, painting and planking away! 

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One of my biggest inspirations to get into blogging about home decor in the first place was Layla at The Lettered Cottage. When I first started reading blogs her style really spoke to me- and it showed me that I could have the type of home I love by creating it. I first saw this wall back in 2010 when she uncovered it, and it hasn’t left my mind since. That’s how you know you need to do a project!  While we won’t be uncovering a “wonder wall” in our 1980s home, I think we can accomplish a similar look with planking and 2x4s. 

This will be our solution for the “long wall” in the room- since it’s perpendicular to the table, it would really be too cluttered with the end chair for a furniture piece. For the remaining three walls we are planking below the chair-rail and painting the top of the wall. This is one of those marriage compromises- Mack doesn’t want a completely white room. The top color of the wall will be light (A custom mix of half of a can of Ben Moore’s Edgecomb Gray mixed with white), but not actually white. 


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As far as furniture goes, we are primarily keeping and using what we already have. Our Sumner Dining set from Pottery Barn was our first big purchase together when we were first married, and I still love it. Although our kids have beat it up quite badly, I couldn’t lay a paint brush on it. It’s supposed to be rustic, right? ? We also won’t be changing out our woodsy Camilla Chandelier, another piece I’m still so happy with. What I will be doing is trying to break up the contrast between the dark wood floor and the warm pine furniture. I have a few ideas for that. 


First, I’m going to start with a good rug. I’ve been eyeing the Maui Chunky Loop Rug in “Bleached”. I think the light color (similar to the wall paint) will be the perfect thing to break up the difference between the table and floor! Next, we’re partnering with our friends from Osborne Wood Products to create a country bench. I’ve been thinking about doing this for years, and I’m not really sure why I’m waiting until the 11th hour- it will be a quick but impactful project that I can likely accomplish myself. Lastly- and this is the part that’s a bit tricky- I will be attempting to create a slipcover for each end chair. I have been watching Miss Mustard Seed’s slipcover videos trying to plan out how I’m going to accomplish this with a wooden chair. My last sewing project left me in tears, so it will be interesting. If I’m successful, I will make sure to share my method!

The idea for this room is really to spend very little, use what we already have, and still make a big change. I can’t wait to share the results! Stay tuned.

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