How to Build a Simple Farmhouse Bench

This simple farmhouse bench is a great beginner build to give you extra dining room seating. It’s a perfect project for enlisting young helpers.

At this point in the journey to renovating and decorating our home, we’ve built a DIY Kitchen Island, a cottage dining table, and a cottage coffee table. Today I’m excited to share our latest build— a DIY Farmhouse Bench.

white farmhouse bench with step-by-step building tutorial

How to Build a Simple Farmhouse Bench Step-by-Step Tutorial

Originally posted May 16, 2016 Last updated June 29, 2020.

Although we are lucky enough to have a separate “formal” dining room in our home, we are not exactly formal people. So when it came time to tackle the dining room project, we knew we wanted to create a space that was as laid-back and relaxed as possible.

One idea that I came up with to accomplish that atmosphere was to replace two of the dining chairs with a simple farmhouse bench. Three adults or four children can sit on the bench easily, which makes it perfect for large family gatherings.

kid-friendly farmhouse bench building tutorial

I can’t get enough of this photo with the little boy feet not quite touching the ground. I know soon enough that he’ll be taller than I am. For now, seeing those little feet swing while he’s sitting on a bench his parents made eating his dinner is a great homespun memory to be making.

Creating the bench was one of the quickest and easiest builds we’ve ever done. It’s a great beginner project, and a perfect opportunity to involve a junior helper. Read on for the full tutorial or you can purchase a printable version of the plans below!

How to Build a Simple Farmhouse Bench Building Plans

Click here for the Farmhouse Bench Building Plans

Rustic dining room with a wood farmhouse table and white bench

How to Build a Simple Farmhouse Bench

How to Build a Simple Farmhouse Bench

Learn how to build this rustic Farmhouse bench step-by-step. It’s a quick and easy build that gives you affordable extra seating around any table!

Active Time 2 hours
Total Time 2 hours
Difficulty Beginner


  • 4 - Bench Legs (l 8”x 3”)
  • 1 - 2 X 8 @ 10’
  • 1 - 2 X 4 @ 10’
  • 2” Pocket Hole Screws


  • Table Saw
  • Compound Miter Saw
  • Power Screwdriver
  • Kreg Jig
  • Orbital Sander


Cut List

2– 2×8 @ 56″ ripped to 7″ (⅛” off each side to square) (top)
2– 2×4 @ 46″ ripped to 2 ½” (½” off each side to square )(side top support )
2– 2×4 @ 6 ½” ripped to 2 ½” (½” off each side to square )(front and back top support )
Trim legs to 16 ½”

How to Build a Simple Farmhouse Bench

  1. Rip down each side of your 2x8x10 and 2x4x10 with your table saw as directed in the cut list to create a straight edge. Make all of your cuts to length with your compound miter saw, referencing the cut list.
  2. Drill all of your pocket holes.
    — 2 @ each end of 2 ½ x 46" and 2 ½ x 6 ½" boards
    — alternating pocket holes on bench-top (or use a biscuit joiner).
  3. Take your two 56" boards and apply wood glue to the intended seam. Join boards with your pocket hole screws. Allow the glue to dry. Alternate method: We chose to use a biscuit joiner on the bench-top, to allow for expansion and contraction.
  4. Take two of your short end pieces, and attach to legs with 1 ½" pocket hole screws. We inset from the front of the legs by ½". Clamps may be helpful since the legs will not be completely secure until the top is attached firmly. If you wish, you may use a nail gun to secure legs to the center support. 
  5. Take two of your long front and back pieces, and attach to legs with screws. Again, inset by ½". You should now have a complete base. If you wish, you may use a nail gun to further secure legs to rails.
  6. Once the top has dried completely, sand smooth with 120-grit sandpaper. Round off the edges if you choose.
  7. Lay the bench-top upside-down. Flip the base upside-down also, and center it in both directions. Join base to top with pocket hole screws using the pre-drilled holes.



I painted the bench with two coats of Folk Art Chalk Paint in White Adirondack, sanding lightly between coats. After, I gave it a top coat of satin Polycrylic to give it more durability. I normally love to stain the top and just paint the legs on projects like this, but I really wanted to break up the wood of our dining set.

Dining room with a wood dining set.

What do you think of our new casual seating? I think it’s the perfect solution for a family-focused gathering space. I’d love to hear from you if you’re planning to build this!

Click here for the Farmhouse Bench Building Plans

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How to Build a Simple Farmhouse Bench Step-by-Step

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  1. I just found you through justagirlandherblog, where can I find the chalk board pictured in your dining room?

  2. This turned out amazing! I absolutely love benches in our dining room. It creates a relaxed atmosphere for the family dinners and gatherings. Ours are getting a little worn down from the hundreds of meals had on them so I’m definitely going to get my husband on these guys! Thanks for sharing :)

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