1. I’m loving your simple summer decor! That island in your kitchen is gorgeous!

  2. Oh how I absolutely love your home! Thank you so much for sharing and especially for providing all of the sources – ithas really helped me make several product choices.

  3. So true Nina – less is more – ESPECIALLY in summer! Love your pretty home and all your blues! (and that gold mirror is stunning!)

    Wishing you a wonderful summer!


  4. I adore your home, Nina, and I couldn’t agree with you more. Less is more in the summer! it all looks so beautiful. Love the pickling jar arrangement, the gorgeous wood grain on your island, the beautiful pops of blue on your dining table, and the cozy summer vibe in the family room. Hope you have a wonderful summer xx

  5. So gorgeous! I love the idea of “undecorating”. Our summers are short too, so it’s all about the outside time! Wishing you and your family a wonderful summer!

  6. Your home is absolutely stunning, Nina! I can’t wait to get our new home to the place where I feel it’s so put together! I love your paneling and am looking forward to adding more in this space, as well. Such a beautiful summer tour! Thanks for being part of this series:)

  7. What a gorgeous tour! I love the dining table set up especially with all of the blue glass catching the light! Your home looks fabulous, Nina! Happy Summer.

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