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  1. I was hovering on the internet to find out best decorating solution for me…guess what.. I think now I’m in a right place now. Great post!!! I read your other posts too and those were awesome….keep sharing!!!

  2. Hi Nina! Your family room came out beautifully! My living room is also painted edgecomb gray and I have been in search of a rug just like yours for it. Would you mind telling me where you got it? Thanks so much!

    1. Hi Candice, It’s a custom rug from Sisal Rugs. Our living room dimensions are strange, so it’s 14′ x 8′. I’m planning a post on why we went in this direction- but they offer normal dimension rugs as well! We chose the Cabo Wool Sisal bound in the Extra Wide Canvas in Putty. I hope that helps!

  3. It’s all so beautiful, Nina. I don’t ever remember seeing this room before so to me it’s new and just stunning. I love all the wonderful light in it.
    Hugs, Jamie