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  1. Wow- I loved your previous design and this one as well. The curved vanity backsplash and faucets are a favorite, as well as the tub and shower. Can you give the overall dimensions of the whole bathroom? Also, you mentioned “chief architect” and can you explain if that’s a program or person or what? Thanks again for sharing this special space.

    1. Thank you so much, Phyllis! The overall bathroom is approx 10’x12′. Chief Architect is a design program for creating floor plans and renderings. I specifically use Home Designer Pro.

  2. It is beautiful, but where do you hang towels? I see only one towel hook next to the shower. Hand towels next to the vanity?

    1. My hand towel hooks are backordered, unfortunately, but they’ll go between the mirrors and to the right of the sink. There are hooks on the door also and I just added some suction cup hooks to the shower glass!