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Early Fall Entertaining

Use the fresh produce of the season for early fall entertaining! This autumn gathering with friends includes a charcuterie board, harvest sangria, and apple crostata.

It’s still early, but Autumn is the season that inspires me to begin to open up my home to entertain my friends and family. In preparation for this Early Fall entertaining, I came up with a menu that celebrated some of the produce of the season. You can also see how I decorated and set a tablescape for Early Fall!

Fall entertaining in rustic breakfast nook

Farmer’s Market-Inspired Early Fall Entertaining Ideas

Harvest Sangria

pitcher for making sangria

Sangria is kind of my “thing” amongst my friends. Somehow I have a knack for throwing a bunch of fruit, juice, and spirits together and making it taste pretty good. While I wouldn’t say this is an important skill to have, it’s a fun one.

sangria with fruit

You can get the recipe for my Harvest Sangria here. I used the very same apples that I grabbed at the farmer’s market and featured in the Early Fall Mudroom, along with pears and peaches.

Rustic Apple Crostata

apple crostata for early fall entertaining

I also used those apples to make a quick and easy Rustic Apple Crostata. You may have already caught the blueberry version, which is easy and yummy, too!

apple crostata and sunflowers

This one always has people coming back for seconds. I highly recommend it with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and a drizzle of caramel!

early fall entertaining ideas

My last step was putting all of it together. The breakfast nook is the perfect spot for casual and comfortable entertaining.

sangria with a brown sugar rim

I brought the sangria over to serve with the rest of the snacks.

crostata with a kraft paper label for fall entertaining

This trick of using a kraft paper runner and labeling items has become one of my favorites.

Early Fall Entertaining Charcuterie

label spicy items for early fall entertaining

It’s a great way to clear up any mysteries and is especially helpful when there are spicy items, or if you have anyone with special food preferences or allergies.

apple crostata and sunflowers in a sunny window

Here’s the Apple Crostata and the lovely sunflowers that have lasted over a week now.

label items in your early fall spread

I lost my light shortly after this photo, and my guests arrived, so I didn’t chronicle the rest of the evening, but our main course was homemade thin crust Margherita pizzas.

early fall entertaining charcuterie

We had a blast snacking, sipping, and chatting. As this simple spread proves, early Fall entertaining doesn’t have to be expensive and intricate to be beautiful and feel special!

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Early Fall Entertaining Ideas

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