Nest Watercolor Printable

Recreate this vignette and decorate for spring and Easter with this Nest Watercolor Printable.

While fall is my favorite season, I would say that spring is my favorite season to decorate for! I’ve created many spring and Easter printables over the years. Examples include this bunny print, these sweet baby animal tags, a collection of my favorite Spring things, and this Easter banner. Somehow, I’ve never painted a nest! So today I’m bringing you this Nest Watercolor Printable! Also, a simple little vignette that you can recreate.

Spring vignette with purple flowers and free nest watercolor printable.

Nest Watercolor Printable and Vignette

I put it to a vote in my decorating community (which you can join here!). A nest was the resounding choice, although there were a lot of good ideas for the future, too!

Nest decor and Free Nest Watercolor Printable.

I used this nest as my model while I watercolored. Every Spring I’m asked about this little nest, which I got from Pottery Barn about a decade ago. It could definitely be recreated, but here’s a source for a similar one!

purple flowers and  Nest Watercolor Printable.

I kept the purple flowers from my Purple Spring Tablescape. This was my first year decorating with purple and I really like it!

Buffet Dining Room Vignette Nest Watercolor Printable.

Overall, this vignette is very simple. I mostly used things I already had on hand.

Shop the Spring Vignette Here

Carved eggs from a Spring vignette

I bought the carved eggs this year to match the bunny centerpiece from the purple tablescape I mentioned. I love the detail! They were from Pier One in-store. Unfortunately, I can’t seem to find them online.

Spring picture with wood frame.

Download the Nest Watercolor Printable

Nest: a place of rest, retreat, or lodging.

Note: If you’re here because you clicked on an old Pinterest pin that portrayed this print as free, I apologize for that confusion (and we didn’t mean to be misleading!). This blog has evolved many times over the past ten years since we began! We do like to share free things with our newsletter subscribers from time to time, so it’s a good idea to stay on that list for fun surprises, but we no longer offer free printables directly on the blog. 

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