Spring Decorating Ideas

These spring decorating ideas for your home give you some simple and inexpensive ways for how to decorate for spring and Easter.  

One February morning as you’re walking to your car, bracing yourself against the bite of the bitter cold and wind, you hear it… a little chirping birdsong. It interrupts the regular silence of the cold months and surprises you. You’d almost forgotten. It sounds almost like those warmer mornings when you aren’t rushing back to warmth. It’s the sound of spring. Even if you get a foot of snow tomorrow, it’s too late… you have spring on your mind and you’ve remembered that winter won’t last forever. Then you have the thought of grabbing some tulips at the market on your way home. You’re inspired to decorate for spring! 
In this post I’ll share my favorite spring decorating ideas for you to implement quickly, easily and on a budget.

Spring Decorating Ideas in a mudroom with flowers and baskets

My goal is for you to go out and do these things as soon as that urge to decorate for spring hits. Then, I’m going to show you little ways to up-level those urges. Like rather than just some grocery store tulips, let’s add a few items and make a small vignette! I’ll show you how to do that and more later on in the post. First, let’s go over some basics of what to use to decorate for spring. 

How to Decorate for Spring — The Basics

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How to decorate for spring in the family room — greenery and branches with white sofas

Use Natural Elements

I think that spring is one of my favorite seasons to decorate for (behind fall) because of the promise that it holds. It feels so good to bring cheerful colors into our homes and celebrate the renewal of life after the long winter months. We appreciate everything all over again, like the bulbs sprouting from the ground and the tiny leaf buds. Surrounding ourselves indoors with home decor that serves as a reminder of renewal and the warmer months on the horizon can make all the difference when winter feels like it will go on forever! That’s why this spring decorating idea is a no-brainer.

natural easter elements like flowers and eggs

Spring Decorating Ideas that Include Natural Elements

  •  Use airy and leafy greenery to signify how the world is about to turn green again. If you’ve already got flowering branches or a neighbor who will share, snip a few and bring them inside!
  • Decorate with bulbs that can later be planted outside when the ground has thawed enough. The bulbs can then continue to be enjoyed for years to come!
  • If you can’t find something natural, try faux. Craft stores are a great source for faux flowers and foliage and often have sales.
  • Whole Foods and Trader Joes are my favorite sources for flowers and flowering branches in the spring.  
Breakfast nook with spring vignette decorating ideas

Decorate for Easter and Spring with Animal Statues, Nests and Eggs

Speaking of bunnies, spring is the perfect opportunity to decorate with animals that represent the season. With Easter taking place in spring, lambs and bunnies are a natural choice. Birds are also busy building nests and laying eggs. If you’re fascinated by birds and eggs like I am, spring is the perfect time to bring those items into your decor!


Spring Decorating Ideas Around Your Home

styling shelves with bunny printables and decorative plants

How to Decorate for Spring with a Vignette

One of the easiest ways to decorate for spring is to create a vignette. Vignettes are a great introduction to tablescapes – like miniature versions! After you master vignettes, you will be ready to learn how to create tablescapes in no time!

How to create a vignette for spring with a decorative egg wreath and spring bulbs

Here are a few tips to styling a spring vignette:

  • Incorporate the ideas above to make the vignette specific to spring!
  • Choose items unique to your style and the theme of the room.
  • Don’t be afraid to use color!
  • Cluster objects in odd numbers, like 3, 5, or 7, for larger spaces.
  • Vary the height of the items, starting with tallest on the outside and smaller toward the middle.
  • Vary the textures of objects, using wood, glass, flowers, greenery, bowls, etc.

You can set vignettes up in the foyer, on the sideboard in your dining room, or on a living room shelf. You can even create a small vignette for your kitchen counter!

Decorate for Spring and Easter with Printables

Printables are a great inexpensive way to decorate for the seasons! I already wrote a whole post detailing how to decorate for spring using printables, so make sure to check that out and download your favorites. They are perfect for creating vignettes and other displays. 

Happy Easter framed printable on a shelf with a flowerpot

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    Create a Spring Tablescape

    Spring tablescape decorating tips and ideas with a lot of greenery and flowers

    Since often spring will involve a meal for Easter or Passover, a great spring decorating idea is to create a tablescape. 

    “Tablescape” is simply a blanket term that combines your table’s centerpiece and place settings, or the overall decoration of your table. I created a post about how to create a tablescape here that covers all the basics, but let’s go over some ideas for how to personalize the table specifically for spring. 

    Spring tablescapes also don’t have to be limited to Easter. Here I created a St. Patrick’s Day tablescape and shared some of my favorite decorating ideas!

    Spring tablescapes can include:

    • Normal tablescape elements like a runner, plates, silverware, and glasses.
    • Get creative with the centerpiece! Since you’ll likely be including food, make the centerpiece portable and removable so that you can add an actual meal to your table.
    • Provide a gift like a mason jar filled with moss and candy eggs, or a flowerpot filled with an egg. These items can also double as name tags or place cards!
    • You might even try something out of the ordinary with bold arrangements, like a purple tulip tablescape. I’ve never decorated for spring with purple before, but I love the way the color popped!
    purple easter tablescape with bunny statues and flowerpot

    Decorating Your Mantel for Spring & Easter

    Christmas mantels always get all the attention, but there are plenty of spring decorating ideas for mantels, too!

    How to decorate a fireplace mantel for spring with a Happy Easter banner

    A lot of the same rules apply for decorating a mantel as creating a vignette. To make the mantel specific to spring, incorporate some of those natural elements we covered in the beginning.

    Spring decorating ideas for the mantel with wooden candle holders and bunny statues

    For an Easter mantel, I used this “Happy Easter” printable banner, bunny statues, and faux cherry blossom branches. I also added one of my grandfather’s paintings to our Frame TV.

    Of course, there are many spring decorating ideas beyond the ones I’ve shared in this post, but this should get you off to a great start for decorating your home for spring and Easter! 

    I hope these ideas inspire you for the season ahead! Even if you’re reading them on the coldest day of winter, remember: spring will be here, the flowers will bloom, and new life will begin again! Make sure to follow me on Instagram for more spring decorating ideas if you aren’t already! Happy spring from my home to yours. 

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    3. Nina, your space is so pretty and fresh for spring but still cozy and welcoming at the same time! Glad you could hop on this tour series with us!

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