Simple Christmas Kitchen Decor

Simple Christmas Kitchen Decor | Decorate your kitchen for Christmas with simple greenery, wooden touches, and pretty golden lights for a classic but elegant theme. 

Welcome to our elegant but simple Christmas kitchen! That’s the name of the game with this years theme. This is bittersweet because this is the LAST Christmas in this kitchen. Actually, it’s the last season. Wait, what? I will elaborate more in a second.

First, I want to give a big thanks for Kristen of Ella Claire hosting Seasons of Home this year. I’m so looking forward to all of the beautiful inspiration to come in the weeks ahead! Make sure to check out the other Christmas kitchens linked at the bottom of this post!

Simple Christmas Kitchen Decor Ideas

Like other seasons, I repurposed decor from previous years to create this simple but pretty centerpiece. I’ve committed to getting creative and using the same decor in new ways because I know it’s not always realistic or practical for you to buy new decor for each season each year.

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In this case, I used the eucalyptus wreath that I bought last spring and added some of the LED string lights I’ve had for years and years. These are by far one of the best tools in my decorating arsenal!

The ornaments in the carved wooden bowl are also old favorites. I’ve had gold ornaments sitting in boxes unused, but this year they will be making an appearance. My colors are dark green and mixed metals. I can’t wait to bring more of my plans to life!

I likely will end up buying a few pieces here and there for different spaces. There are a few things, like brass candlesticks, that I’ve never had and would love to add to my collection.

Whoops, I missed a lunchbox in the bottom baskets of the photo above. Evidence of real life, guys. Yes, kids do live here. You should see what the rest of the house looks like at the moment. ?

This candle is my absolute favorite of all times. It’s technically “Autumn Leaves” by Antique Candle Works, but it has a versatile woodsy smell that will last past fall. To get the look of the candle, you can check in for when they do a vintage ball jar candle restock.

Okay, enough procrastinating. What do I mean about this being the last Christmas/season in our kitchen?

No, we aren’t moving. We’re remodeling this winter/spring! A real, complete kitchen remodel/gut job. Things are moving around, we’re opening up the window, and will be making some big changes. Although the kitchen looks really good in photos, the problems are structural and functional.

I will be going into everything further in a separate post, but simply put: water and particle board cabinet bottoms don’t go well together. If you are one of my readers who tackled the kitchen painting project, never fear. This has absolutely nothing to do with the paint job. Five years later, the paint has held up perfectly well (aside from where I mistakenly caulked after the fact, which I warned against in the tutorial).

Simple Christmas Kitchen | Decorate your kitchen for Christmas with simple greenery, wooden touches, and pretty golden lights for a classic but elegant theme. 

We’ve had a lot of happy memories in this kitchen, and I’m excited to make some more this Christmas season. While some of the pieces may change, the mission of creating a place to gather with family and friends is still front and center. I can’t wait to give you more details and share our plans soon!

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