Free Printable Harvest Thanksgiving Menu

Free Printable Harvest Thanksgiving Menu

Happy Veteran’s Day! I want to start of by thanking any of the veterans and their families that may be reading this. I know words aren’t enough- but thank you for your sacrifice and for keeping my family safe. If someone is serving in your family, I hope you will have them home for the holidays- if not, I hope you will be spending the holidays with them as soon as possible. 

Thanksgiving is coming up fast! I’m trying my hardest to put off sharing Christmas as long as possible, since I know many of you appreciate to have Thanksgiving given it’s due. The blogging Christmas season is in full swing, and I hope you will accept the upcoming early posting as inspiration, even if you tuck it away for a little later. I, for one, love having my decorations up early, it brings so much cheer into our home- this season is so full of happiness and nostalgia! 

Today I want to share a little free Thanksgiving gift. You all seemed to enjoy the Happy Harvest printable, and this 5×7” menu coordinates perfectly for your Thanksgiving feast. I’ve given you options to change the sample text, so you can include your holiday favorites. There are two options available in the compressed pack- the first is the PDF with form fields that can be customized easily in Adobe Reader (just make sure you are using the desktop version, and that it’s Adobe Reader- not Apple Preview, which looks very similar). The second is the 5×7” JPEG, which you can add your own text to in PicMonkey, Photoshop, or any other editing program. 


As a little aside- if you follow me over on Facebook, you may have seen our exciting news that we are in Bob Vila’s Thumbs Up contest for our DIY Bathroom Vanity. I would so appreciate your vote (HERE)! You can vote once per day between now and the last day of November. Thank you so much for your support!!

Click Here to Enter the File Gallery to Download the Free Printable Thanksgiving Harvest Menu:

Free Printable Harvest Thanksgiving Menu



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