1. Hi Nina!

    Gorgeous makeover. I’m about to embark on a similar renovation of our laundry room and I’m stumped regarding cabinet depth and height. Like yours, I want them as high as the machines and am curious how you raised them up? Also, I assume they aren’t as deep as the machines so curious how they were secured.

    Thanks so much!


    1. Nina Hendrick says:

      Hi, Jessica! Unfortunately, I can’t give you the exact dimensions, since we’ve since moved away. But I can tell you that we built wood frames under the cabinets to raise them up and then added baseboard trim to hide the frames. We attached the butcher block countertops with brackets inside the cabinets (which were from IKEA).

  2. Alex Markwell says:

    How are the counters over the washer & dryer secured to the wall?

    1. Nina Hendrick says:

      I believe we used metal brackets that came with them that connected the IKEA cabinets, butcher block, and walls. We no longer live there, so unfortunately I can’t check!

  3. Nancy Davies says:

    Thanks for sharing your mistakes or ‘what you would do differently’ It was very helpful.

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