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Now that the cooler weather is here, we have been working away at the house like crazy! We have already finished Phase 1 of the fireplace (a project I wasn’t planning to have done before Halloween) and we have the washer and dryer in place upstairs. While the actual goal is to 100% complete the first floor before moving on to the second, we may have become slightly distracted this past weekend by all of the potential in the bonus space above the garage.

If you are new here, you may have missed my post about the crazy floorplan above our garage, and our plans for streamlining it. Here’s a quick recap…

2nd Level Master Suite Floorplan Before:

Progress Report: 2nd Floor Laundry & Master Bedroom

The bonus room above the garage has its own entry (for now), but to access it from the second floor you had to go through our bedroom, down a maze-like hallway that looped around our closet, and then you were in the room. The hallway just seemed like a big waste of space to us, and we decided when we looked at the house the first time that we wanted the bonus room (used by the former owner’s as an work-at-home business space) to be our master bedroom- I’ll show you why in a few minutes!

2nd Level Master Suite Floorplan Planned:

Progress Report: 2nd Floor Laundry & Master Bedroom

While we are still definitely in progress, over the weekend we laid the groundwork for the new traffic pattern. We haven’t carved the hallway from the current master yet- but the laundry is now plumbed, wired, and functional (which has been every bit as exciting and convenient as I had hoped!). The “clothes storage” wall is now in place in the laundry area, and we opened up the doorway into the future Master bedroom. We are waiting on our pocket door to come in for the laundry area, as well as a pre-hung door to lead into the future master bedroom. In the meantime, our tasks this week are building the walls for the pocket doors, and specifically  on my end-  wallpaper removal and patching walls. Like every project in this house, we are trying to get it to the point of being a “blank slate” before going in and adding character.

Progress Report: 2nd Floor Laundry & Master Bedroom


In this project there was a lot of demo involved. Messy, messy demo. Luckily that part is over. I didn’t take specific “before” photos of the hallway/closet area, because it was such a tight space- but here’s a good visual above after we removed the hallway. You can see the outline on the floor of where the hallway wrapped around the master closet- and we busted through that. In this photo you can also see the completed dryer outlet and the plumbing for the washer/dryer. As always, we recommend having a licensed professional come in (or bonus if you are friends with/related to a professional!) for plumbing and electrical. You won’t find any tutorials here on how it was done. It will vary greatly house by house- we just happened to have plumbing from the master bath in that wall that could be tapped into. Also a quick note- none of these walls we removed are load bearing, of course!

Progress Report: 2nd Floor Laundry & Master Bedroom

Here’s the washer and dryer when they were first installed. These photos were at night- when we tend to do projects- so unfortunately they aren’t the greatest quality. But now the washer and dryer are currently under a tarp as we finish cleaning up from demo, so a better photo isn’t in the cards.

Progress Report: 2nd Floor Laundry & Master Bedroom

This was a quick photo as we created a new doorway into the future master. We removed all of the drywall facing the washer and dryer because it had that awful seashell texture. However, we were able to save the drywall on the future master bedroom side, removing only what we needed to for the doorway (now I just need to get rid of all of the wallpaper covering it!).

Progress Report: 2nd Floor Laundry & Master Bedroom

Here is the new framed in doorway to the someday master bedroom! Please try to ignore the outrageous mess- it’s a construction zone. A new 30″ pre-hung door is on it’s way. We still have to finish replacing the drywall in this area, which we will do once we have framed in the pocket door walls to the left and right. Then there will be mudding, taping, priming and painting to do.

Now I want to give you a peek of the bonus space/future master bedroom, previously un-blogged space!

Progress Report: 2nd Floor Laundry & Master Bedroom

I did happen to take some photos of the room over the summer that I just came across, so I will show those instead of the construction zone photos. Since the doorway wasn’t there yet, I labeled it to give perspective.

Progress Report: 2nd Floor Laundry & Master Bedroom

Let’s face it, it’s not so pretty right now (at least in my opinion), it needs a lot of elbow grease. Luckily the majority of the work is inexpensive- demo, removing wallpaper, and paint. It’s just a lot of work. However, as with the rest of the house- it has so much potential! Replace the dated wallpaper with paint, paint the trim white, and it is going to be a gorgeous room. That palladian window is beautiful, and I love the dormer in the front- it has a lot of charm!  Of course, I have visions- hardwood floors, cottage planking on the ceilings, a reading nook in the dormer, and pretty clothes storage built-ins to replace the current built-in oak filing cabinets- but we could move in pretty easily before tackling any of those things.

I will definitely share my dreams for this room another day with photo inspiration, as well as some dreams for the laundry/closet, and dreams for the baby girl’s nursery space (which this project happens to pave the way for!). Expect a tutorial on removing wallpaper soon, because it looks like that’s going to be a big part of my life for the foreseeable future- and we also happen to be working on the mudroom where the washer and dryer previously lived (we’re just taking a pause while we wait for a special order window), so I will have an update on that as well!

Check back in this evening for and update in the Journey to an Organized Life Series, as I share my new system for organizing the crazy amount of school papers that come into this house!


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    Looking forward to following along with this project. It’s going to be amazing!

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      Thank you for joining us, Mercedes! We are so excited to create these new spaces :)