DIY Crown Moulding Shelves

CafeShelves2_WTMToday I’m sharing my take on DIY Crown Moulding Shelves! Do you love to decorate for holidays? If so, this beginner project will create the perfect blank canvas for your display.

Since our mantle is currently home to speakers and other non-pretty things, I decided that I needed another place to celebrate the seasons and holidays. When we moved in I started out with some inexpensive crown moulding ledges I bought at Target. They were pretty enough but lacked the depth I craved to hold larger vases and jars.

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Crown Moulding Shelves

My inspiration for my own DIY crown moulding shelves came from Ballard Designs. I know bloggers knocking off these shelves is nothing new, but I tried to give them my own special touch.

DIY Cafe Shelves | Everyday Enchanting

DIY Cafe Shelves | Everyday Enchanting

DIY Crown Moulding Shelves


  • Stain Grade Plywood Panels from local home improvement store
  • Basic Shelf Brackets (similar, the original brackets we used are no longer sold.)
  • 1 1/2″ Crown Molding
  • Wood Glue
  • Corner Clamps
  • Nail Gun with short nails
  • Drydex or Wood Filler
  • Paint

DIY Cafe Shelves | Everyday Enchanting DIY Cafe Shelves | Everyday Enchanting

We started by making all of our cuts. As you may already know, I’m in the process of gaining confidence with saws so that I can start building my own furniture. I am ok with the compound miter saw, but something about the table saw really freaks me out. Possibly that my grandfather had lost a few fingers on one… yikes! I asked Mack to do the table-sawing on this one, but I’m getting there. My overwhelming desire for nice wood furniture is surpassing my fear!

Here are the dimensions of our shelves:

Shelf 1: 22″ wide x 8″ deep

Shelf 2: 28″ wide x 8″ deep

(you will want the top of your crown molding cut to match these measurements)

DIY Cafe Shelves | Everyday Enchanting

Cutting crown molding is always difficult for me to wrap my mind around, so I had to make a few cuts with Mack instructing to get it right- but even then we goofed up! Whoops.

DIY Cafe Shelves | Everyday Enchanting

DIY Cafe Shelves | Everyday EnchantingDIY Cafe Shelves | Everyday Enchanting

Since we weren’t nailing the crown into anything (which is what it’s actually designed for) glue and clamps were our friends. I wanted it to ultimately appear seamless, so I attached the top edge to the crown to the bottom edge of the shelf. Then we secured it with the itty bitty finish nails and clamps.

DIY Cafe Shelves | Everyday Enchanting

Next, we worked on the brackets. It was really just a quick cut, we squared them off at 5″ to give them a more modern look.

DIY Cafe Shelves | Everyday Enchanting

We attached them evenly to the back of the shelves with glue and finish nails.

DIY Cafe Shelves | Everyday Enchanting

After the glue dried, I removed the clamps and used my trusty Drydex to fill in the gaps. After sanding and a coat of spray paint, I had some pretty new shelves! And since the brackets had built-in wall hardware, they were super easy to hang up.


As I was taking photographs for this post I realized I have never shared photos of my breakfast nook (which is also where the Spring Cookie Decorating Party took place). This is where the shelves reside. Apparently, Lucy decided to peek as I was trying to capture a photo! ;) If it’s not her, it’s one of the boys!



We are planning on adding some sort of console under the shelves and a built-in bench in front of the windows. It’s very blank-slatey right now.

At least I can set up seasonal displays in the breakfast nook!

DIY Crown Moulding Shelves | Learn how to make these easy crown moulding shelves from @nina_hendrick. They are perfect for kitchen storage and seasonal displays. This is a great beginner building project!

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  1. Lovely! Can I ask- what’s the color on your walls? Where did you get that beautiful chandelier from?

  2. These are beautiful! I’m a bit scared of the table saw myself. This project looks like a good start to overcoming my fear!

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