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I’m continuing my trend this year of making use of the items I have lying around. In this case, we have a lot of weathered pallet wood lying around. I have always wanted a rustic pallet wood American flag, so I figured it would be the perfect time to make one, with Memorial Day so close!


I started out by gathering my materials. I knew I wanted this to be fairly substantial, so I found my longest boards. I used 6 in total- 4 to make up the flag, and two for the support brackets.


I cut the two pieces down for the support brackets, but left the pallets at slightly varying lengths to add character. I made sure they were flush on one side (the left side of the flag). Then, I screwed the brackets down using wood screws. The best policy, especially with pallets, is to pre-drill the holes so the boards don’t crack. I skipped this step (DIY shame) because I kind of wanted the boards to crack a bit. Luckily just the right amount of cracking and splitting happened.

Rustic Pallet Wood American Flag | Everyday Enchanting

Now- this is probably a good spot to mention that this is not a precise project. My pallet boards were warped like crazy, so there was no way I was ever getting it perfect. I embraced the imperfection. I like the call this look “Colonial Tavern”. There are gaps, cracks, rough cut marks, and knots. I love it!

Rustic Pallet Wood American Flag | Everyday Enchanting

After the whole thing was solid, I gave the whole flag a light sanding with a 120 sanding block. Just enough to get rid of the grime and splinters without going down to a fresh layer of wood.

Rustic Pallet Wood American Flag | Everyday Enchanting Rustic Pallet Wood American Flag | Everyday Enchanting


Next, I applied a light coat of whitewash with some plain white latex paint. The key is to mostly dry brush this. Although this will make up the stripes, I intended for it to have a lot of wood grain showing through.

Rustic Pallet Wood American Flag | Everyday Enchanting

I measured out and painted the blue area using a small paint sample from Lowes. Once that was dry I taped off to create the stripes. I used 1.5″ painters tape, but had to layer two pieces as my stripes had to be slightly wider.

Rustic Pallet Wood American Flag | Everyday Enchanting

I painted the red with another paint sample we had kicking around. We had grabbed this from the clearance paint at Lowes some time ago (It was one of those “wrong color” deals). Since the pallet wood is so rough, there was some unavoidable bleeding under the tape.

Rustic Pallet Wood American Flag | Everyday Enchanting

Once that was dry, I created a vinyl stencil with my Silhouette, and applied it to the blue. I should note that I also sanded first to allow more of the grain to show through the blue. I very carefully dabbed white paint with a foam brush to create the stars. I wanted these to be fairly crisp. Once those were dry I removed the vinyl, and touched up where needed.

Rustic Pallet Wood American Flag | Everyday Enchanting

Rustic Pallet Wood American Flag | Everyday Enchanting

Rustic Pallet Wood American Flag | Everyday Enchanting

I succeeded, and was riding the adrenaline rush of a completed project… but then I noticed that I had goofed. While laying out the stripes I was so busy worrying about the proportions according to that I missed that the red stripe does not extend past the bottom of the blue area. I tell you, I would have bet a million dollars that it did… and then I would have been in a lot of debt. So, I fixed my goof with a sponge brush and more blue paint. All better- you can barely tell!

After letting it also sit overnight, I went back over it with the sanding block, distressing where it seemed to need it. Sanding also helped blend in the edges of the different colors. Then I gave it a coat of clear finishing wax.

Rustic Pallet Wood American Flag

There it is! I am so excited to finally have a patriotic accent in my decor! I’m not entirely sure whether it will live here or at Camp (where we spend Memorial Day and 4th of July), but we are sure to enjoy it wherever it ends up! I hope you all have a great Memorial Day!!

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I Give it two thumbs up! Very Nice !!!

You did such a great job with this! I like the idea of using vinyl to get the stars so crisp. I really want to try this! Pinned!

Thank you so much Michelle!


your pallet flag is very pretty.



I really like your pallet project. I especially like it because my birthday is the fourth of July. Thanks for the inspiration.

I’ve seen other pallet flags but this one is sooo much better, it looks chic and stylish! Love it!!

The perfect pallet project! Love it!

Really a nice idea there Nina, and to add it, you have added some patriotism into the wooden pallets. I also got lots of wooden pallets and wooden crates laying in the backyard and I think it’s time to put them into use. Thanks for the inspirations.


I really love this idea. Nothing feels better than a little patriotism on memorial day. I think it turned out really well, the stencil of the stars is perfect. This is something I can definitely try. Thanks for sharing.

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I think this is beautiful! I am going to attempt to do one myself. I was curious what the dimensions are of your flag. Were you able to do it with just one pallet? I know a local strawberry patch that is getting rid of their pallets and want to make sure I grab enough to make one!

Thanks a bunch!!

Hi Nina! This is seriously such a cool project! I hope you don’t mind, but I’d LOVE to feature it in this weekend’s upcoming patriotic themed link party on Funky Junk!

Thank you so much, Donna! I would be honored!! :)

Looks like a fun project, and it turned out great! Perfect for the summer months.

Thanks so much, Lisa! We’re really looking forward to enjoying it as part of summer decor.

Great tutorial! I make a Canadian version of this flag and give one to any host during the summer. Always a hit.

Thanks so much for stopping by, Heather!!

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