1. I’m planning to buy a couple of bookcases, but now I’m worried my personal items are a bit too much. I have a handful of items that are from Turkey where I spent some time as a child, so they are very special to me. I downsized my books, but the ones I have are different colors, some new and some very old.

    How can I make it work with these items when everything should be neutral?

    1. Nina Hendrick says:

      Hi, Linda! Everything doesn’t have to be neutral, so don’t worry about that! The fact that you have these special heirlooms is amazing and displaying them should be a priority! Rather than trying to fit them into a neutral scheme, make them the first thing that you add to the shelves, and add “neutral” items (like plants) at the end to fill in the blanks. The result will be an eclectic and meaningful display that represents you. :)

  2. Wendy Mark says:

    I’ve been struggling recently with decorating my living room mantel. I’m loving my family room mantel but just couldn’t obtain the “look” that felt right for our living room!
    Thank you so much for this inspiring information! I’m definitely going to incorporate the green garland! I love that idea! It’s so simple and so pretty!
    Once again, you gave us wonderful decorating ideas!

    1. Nina Hendrick says:

      I’m so glad this was helpful, Wendy! 💚

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