Classic Kitchen Renovation Source List

Here’s a full breakdown of all of the items I sourced for our kitchen renovation and why I chose them. You can use this Classic Kitchen Renovation source list to lay the groundwork for your own renovation!

Time is moving at the speed of light and I wanted to take a pause and share the breakdown of what we purchased for our Classic Kitchen Renovation before I dive head-first into more seasonal decorating. If you missed the original Kitchen Makeover post, you can see it here!

Full kitchen renovation source list

Full Kitchen Renovation Source List

It took a little while to compile this kitchen renovation source list as I began researching and shopping for items over a year ago. Some things have since been sold out, so I’ve sourced similar items. You can scroll to the master list at the bottom, but I’m going to answer some FAQs and break down some of my decision-making on some of the bigger items first!

None of the items for this project were sponsored, but some of the links below are affiliate links. You can read our disclosure here.

Classic kitchen with white cabinets and dark hardwood floors

What are the dimensions of your kitchen?

First and foremost I’ll answer one of the most common questions I get. Our overall kitchen is long and narrow— It’s about 20′ to the pantry and 11.5′ across. The sink wall has about 15′ of cabinets before the breakfast nook begins.

Classic Kitchen Renovation Source List for White Cabinets and Mercury Glass Pendants

Please tell me about the sconces and pendants!

This has been a popular one! I went back and forth on options for sconces and pendants for what felt like forever. I finally decided to mix metals a bit (there’s a full post on this coming soon, several of you responded to the survey that it’s a hot topic for you) and tied in the shade with our other hardware and fixtures. You can find the sconces here and the pendants here.

Polar White hutch from Shiloh cabinetry and a full kitchen renovations source list

What type of cabinetry did you choose? What paint color is that? Where did you get the hutch?

The white perimeter cabinetry, including the hutch and panels for the built-in appliances, are from Shiloh cabinetry. We worked with a local semi-custom kitchen designer.

I’ve gotten a lot of questions about where you can buy the hutch. I sketched it out and the cabinetry people custom built it, so I was able to get it to match the cabinets perfectly. So to directly answer: you’ll have to work with your local Shiloh distributor to design something similar.

I also should mention that the options were different than what the big box stores carried for the Shiloh brand. I specifically wanted inset Shaker-style cabinets, and they didn’t offer an inset door option in any brand in the big home improvement stores.

Here's a full breakdown of all of the items I sourced for our kitchen renovation and why I chose them. You can use this Classic Kitchen Renovation source list to lay the groundwork for your own renovation! #kitchenmakeover #whitecabinets #kitchenideas

The color is Polar White. It’s the “whitest” of all of their colors, but still has a slightly creamy look in our home. In the showroom, the color appeared very cool and wasn’t my first choice, so it was very important to bring a sample back to your specific space.

As a side note, my research found that Shiloh’s Polar White is not a match to Sherwin Williams Polar White. I ended up sticking with Benjamin Moore Simply White for the trim and ceiling because it’s also a creamy white (although it’s not an exact match) and is the color the rest of the trim was already painted. I’m happy with it, it hasn’t bothered me at all that they’re different! (Side note: You can take a full paint color tour of our house here!)

While we’re on the topic of paint colors, the walls are still Benjamin Moore Gray Owl. I thought about changing them, but why mess with a good thing?

custom built white pine stained wood kitchen island with a marble top

Where can I get that island?

I had a pretty specific idea for what I wanted for the kitchen island. I wanted the appearance of an antique shop counter with the convenience of soft close drawers. We tried to make it work with semi-custom cabinetry, but I just wasn’t happy with the look (or price tag) to achieve our narrow and long dimensions.

Mack actually originally came across this woodworker, Chad, on Etsy from one of the islands he had already listed. It was pretty close to my wishlist, but I could see how a couple of tweaks would get it to 100% what I was looking for. I sent him my concept and he was able to bring it to life in a way that made sense with actual woodworking, which I’m certainly no expert on.

It did take quite a bit of back and forth and then a long waiting period for the island to be built, since he is a one-man show. Shipping took another couple of weeks since the final product was so heavy. However, it was worth the wait! I would just recommend you plan accordingly on it being a process of a few months between communication, building, and freight shipping. Make sure to check in with his availability for more specific timing!

Wolf range with white cabinets — full kitchen renovation source list

What brand of appliances did you go with?

We are only doing this project once (you can even quote me on that). So we went with appliances that will last us all of the way through 🤞🏻. Our range is a 36″ dual fuel convection and propane model from Wolf. So far I absolutely love it. I’m excited to put it to the test with Thanksgiving! I opted for stainless knobs instead of the iconic red because they just didn’t fit in with the style of the kitchen.

We already had a Bosch dishwasher, since our previous dishwasher was an absolute piece of junk. I will say that the panel-ready dishwashers are truly made to work with the panel (duh), but we were in a pickle, so we lived with it for over a year panel-free. It’s spring-loaded, so that was a bit scary. Now that the panel is on, it’s great!

Classic white kitchen with built-in refrigerator

Our fridge is from Subzero. Again, it is panel-ready and has two freezer drawers which I LOVE! We had a freezer drawer before, but it was deep and difficult to keep organized. This system works like a dream.

I’m not linking to any specific models in this kitchen renovation source list because there are so many combos/options and it really is best to visit a showroom and figure out what works for your life and space. For example, having the fridge open from the other side is a different model number.

I would be very hesitant to buy from any of the third-party online sites since the warranties are a big benefit to this type of appliance. We’ve already got a call in at our local distributor for them to come re-level the stove now that the backsplash threw it off a bit.

For our other more random appliances, our range vent is from Best and is honestly probably way beyond what we even need— I use it on low. We also have a Wolf microwave, which is nice— but really at the end of the day, it’s a microwave. It was part of a package, otherwise, I’d say just get any old microwave.

full kitchen renovation source list for a classic kitchen with marble and jet mist granite

What did you choose for countertops?

The perimeter countertops are Jet Mist Honed Granite. They mimic the look of soapstone but are a lot more durable. The edge profile is “pencil”.

The island countertop is Bianco Carrara Super-Honed Marble. I LOVE this marble. We had a mitered edge added for extra thickness. Marble does come with its own considerations, but we’ve had it before and we’re comfortable with that.

4x12" Carrara marble backsplash with floating white pine stained corner shelves

What is your backsplash made from?

Our backsplash is 4×12″ honed Carrara marble. It’s a bit more gray than the island, but that’s okay. The medallion behind the stove is made of this honed herringbone Carrara marble with this border. We hired out this project after the debacle of tiling our bathroom— that was definitely the way to go.

Where did you get your floating shelves?

The shelves are a DIY with their own post to come! The stain on the white pine shelves and island is 3/4 Minwax Special Walnut to 1/4 Minwax Classic Gray. NOT to be confused with any other brand… I learned the hard way that stain colors may share exact names, but they are different across brands.

kitchen renovation source list—Rohl bridge faucet with a polished nickel finish

What finish are your hardware and fixtures?

I went with polished nickel for our hardware and fixtures. Unlike chrome, it has a warmer undertone, which works really well. As I mentioned, I’ll go further in-depth about mixing metals another day.

There are three types of hardware on our cabinets— knobs, cup pulls, and latches. Let me know if you want to hear more about how I made that decision of mixing three types since I feel like I could write a whole post about that alone!

Our bridge faucet and pot filler are also polished nickel and I’m super happy with them. I’m still trying to remember to use the pot filler! Old habits are hard to break.

White Rohl Shaw Farmhouse Sink

Do you like your farmhouse sink?

YES! I love it. I always loved my (no longer sold) IKEA Domsjo as well, but not having a center divider is even better. It’s the Rohl Lancaster Farmhouse sink in the 33″ inch size. I’ll do an entire post since I know there’s a lot of interest in these (and I compared and contrasted a lot of sinks in the process), but I do recommend it.

So that breaks down the larger items, for any decor pieces, I’ll try to source similar below. If you’ve already read the entire post above, please let me know in the comments if I missed anything or if there’s anything you want me to go further in-depth on!

Hidden dishwasher and trash cans in a classic kitchen renovation

Full Classic Kitchen Renovation Source List

Wall Color — Benjamin Moore Gray Owl
Ceiling Color — Benjamin Moore Simply White in Eggshell
Trim Color — Benjamin Moore Simply White in Semi-Gloss
Cabinets — Shiloh Inset Shaker in Polar White
Hutch — Shiloh Inset Shaker in Polar White
Flooring — Read my dark hardwood floors post here, Similar Hickory Hardwood Sourced Here
Island — Custom from this Woodworker, White Pine
Range — Wolf 36″ Dual-Fuel Range
Refrigerator — Subzero 30″ Panel Ready
Range Vent Hood — Best 36″ Vent Hood
Dishwasher — Bosch Panel Ready
Microwave — Wolf Convection Microwave
Floating Shelves — DIY with a tutorial to come. Stained 3/4 Special Walnut + 1/4 Classic Gray
Backsplash Tile — 4×12″ Honed Cararra
Backsplash Medallion — Honed Cararra Herringbone
Backsplash Medallion Border — It’s polished, but difficult to tell in person
Grout Color — Mapei Silver Unsanded
Grout Spacing — 1/8″
Island Countertop — Bianco Cararra Super Honed with Mitered Edge
Perimeter Countertop — Jet Mist Honed with Pencil Edge
Drawer Knobs — 1 1/4″ Polished Nickel
Cup Pulls — 3″ Polished Nickel Cup Pulls
Cabinet Latches — 2″ Polished Nickel Matchbox Latch
Fridge & Freezer Pulls — 18″ Polished Nickel
Pot Filler — Kingston Brass Restoration in Polished Nickel
Bridge Faucet — Rohl Country Kitchen Polished Nickel Bridge Faucet
Farmhouse Sink — Rohl Lancaster 33″ in White
Sconces — Restoration Wall Sconce in Oil Rubbed Bronze
Pendants — Restoration Pendant in Oil Rubbed Bronze

Classic Kitchen Renovation Source List: Decor

If the exact item is still in stock it’s sourced below, otherwise, I chose similar “get the look” items.

Pin It for Later | Classic Kitchen Renovation Full Source List

Pin it for Later — Classic Kitchen Renovation Full Source List

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  1. Looks like you put your heart–soul and savings into your dream project Nina.
    I Think you achieved what you were after—Hope you love it.

    Huge successful project—finally behind you.
    Just in time for a little rest before the Holidays.

    Russ Williams

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