Farmhouse Office Inspiration & Makeover

You may have noticed that we always have several projects going on at once in this place. To be honest, we are getting a bit frustrated by living in a constant construction zone/clutter mess. One of the biggest messes is without a doubt caused by my Office- formerly known as the Craft Room/”Crap Room”.


I think calling it The Office from now on makes it sound more official, and therefore like more of a space that needs to be kept organized and clean (?).



We recently completely emptied out the room and moved everything to the dining room so that the carpet could be replaced with hardwood. Now the room is a fresh blank slate for my (overactive) designing mind.


My first step is going to be to paint the room a warm white. I personally think that white is the most conducive color to creativity (this is just from my own observation, I have never really researched it). It also provides the best backdrop to my ever-evolving preference of decor.

4b081a470a157596049ff2aea033fb4dBenjamin Moore Mascarpone

I have been gathering inspiration since we first looked at this house, but somehow I’ve never managed to be able to pull the room together. I have accumulated a lot of office accessories along the way, so once I get the ball rolling regarding storage, decorating will be a breeze.

The Desk Area

d17fb7a3a056f3c2e2db7995e9608e45via Pottery Barn

We will most likely be using Ikea cabinets and butcher block for the lower section. For the uppers, we’re planning to use rough cut pine shelves for a similar look to the shelves above our coffee cart. I’m a teensy bit nervous about having open shelving, because, you know…ahem, the before pictures… but I think it will really help the room feel more open. Actually, it was 100% Mack’s idea, and he says he has faith I will keep it organized. What he has based this misplaced faith on, I’m not so sure.

The Built-Ins

Um, I may have a bit of a glassware addiction (this is only a fraction of it). Since we moved here most of my collection has been housed on these built-ins….


Which I painted aqua and white. Don’t get me wrong- there’s nothing wrong with them, I’m just hoping for a more grown up look in this space. When I started this room, I was in a house full of boys and craved a girly space. I’m getting that out of my system now with Lyla’s nursery!

MG_5183 via Jenna Sue Design

I’m actually even considering the idea of gray cabinets and built-ins, like Jenna Sue’s laundry room (click to see more of this room- it’s stunning!). It’s a step out of my white cabinet comfort zone, but I think white cabinets in a white room with white built-ins may be a little much.

 Screen Shot 2013-04-27 at 3.27.53 PMvia Cote de Texas

Here’s a preview of what the built-ins would look like gray, although they would be a little lighter in color, as I would have them color matched to the ikea cabinets.

 Last but not least, here is my mood board of the space (contains affiliate links):

Farmhouse Office Inspiration

Farmhouse Office Inspiration

1. Benjamin Moore Mascarpone Board & Batten | 2. Threshold Milk Crates (Target) | 3. Gray built-ins via Cote de Texas | 4. via Our Vintage Home Love | 5. Reclaimed Wall Shelves via Our Vintage Home Love | 6. Antique Easel | 7. Sektion Cabinets Ikea

 No promises on the timeline for this project, but I’m hoping early fall. Now I’m off to sort through all of the stuff we took out of the room!

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8 thoughts on “Farmhouse Office Inspiration & Makeover

  1. OH I love it all! What a great space to start with, you’re going to make this look fabulous! Can not wait to see how it turns out : )

  2. These ideas look fantastic! Your before looks much like extra closet that stores all my craft supplies… we’re in the beginning stages of transforming our spare room into a guest room/office space. With it being a tiny room, I think I try the open shelves to keep it feeling open and not so cramped.

    • Thank you Dana! That sounds like a great plan. I was thinking of doing something similar in my laundry room as well, since it’s such a small room!

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